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the light to bind the dark
the gold to hold and chain
the dark to yet remain

one on high to check the tide
one in mist, a curse, a twist
one below to keep the flow

two together make a tether
one alone breaks back and bone
pick a side, mothers chide
and leave your mark upon the ark

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The Lance of God
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God is eternal.

There is no need to walk with fear. He will protect thee. He has always done so.

He is the lance. He is the shield. He is the protector of the weak. He is the defender of the defenseless. Evil has no home on Earth. Evil has taken hold but it will falter and the Good of God will prevail.

Humans will do what humans will do. It is not his concern. It is not his duty. He is the shield—nothing more. Nothing less.

The Prophecy is God's Word to humanity. It is their choice. It has always been their choice.

He is but the shield.


The War in Heaven. The Dawn of Darkness. The Evangelic War.

Michael is a soldier of God. Where evil must be expelled, he is there.

    Lance and Shield Holy. Hidden. Never to be found again. Once turned toward his former brethren of Heaven, he cannot handle the sight of their mangled masks. No more.

    Or so the story goes.
    Healight Minor cuts and bruises vanish before the naked eye. Blood clots in deep gashes. Though he tries, the shield is not the healing sword, and he is no Raphael.

    Plosion He is the epicenter of his own destruction, a scorching blast of dry air and force that propels all away. Approach is ill-advised.

    Acid Light It breaks down. It peels away. It burns everything between God's eye and the damned soul beneath. Running. Dripping. Melting. Skin turns to puddles of white, bleached and sizzling under the glowing touch of purification and forced redemption. It is devastating—it is risky. Sitting thick atop the skin, it is impossible to launch or throw. He must come close, expose himself, leave his mask vulnerable.

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    Michael does not know why humanity has chosen to label him an archangel. It is, perhaps, the only rank of the Heavenly Order that they know, or the only one they understand. He has accepted the paintings, the statues, the tributes, the all the plaques to "Archangel Michael" despite their inaccuracies. Humanity tries its hardest and he will not fault them for their misunderstanding.

    After unsuccessfully trying to update his Wikipedia with accurate information, he has learned to take the playful jabs from other angels in good humor.

    ( Michael was an archangel until The War in Heaven. When half the angels fell in disgrace with Lucifer, Simon—acting on the command of God—promoted him, along with Archangel Raphael, to the rank of Seraph. )
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